NYC artist. Cooper Union '12.

Li’l Ma and Pete Halupka at the Tune Farm in Alabama.

I went to Alabama with a friend. We visited the Tune Farm, where our former classmate Pete Halupka works. We had fresh raw milk from Jade, the cow. We foraged fresh greens and herbs from the pastures and forests for salads at dinnertime. Wild garlic, violets, chickweed, and skies clear of sky-scrappers. It was a special kind of paradise.



oil on canvas

approx. 16ft x 8.5ft

from life

I was most influenced by Jenny Saville and Lucian Freud with this piece. It’s absolutely exhilarating to paint larger than life, especially from life.

Details and Exhibition View

Work in progress

Books Painting

Oil on Canvas

approx. 9ft x 7.5ft

painting from life

my friend Karl with an Explosion
oil on canvas
explosion blu